Day: February 5, 2021

Why the first five minutes of a meeting shape its outcome

Meetings that just happen by default waste precious time, invite poor decisions, add to exhaustion, and fray relationships. Given these risks, I proposed in a previous article that successful meetings are intentionally designed. The basic idea is that to support people and move critical objectives forward, leaders need to ask themselves four questions: Why are you meeting? Who needs to be there? What conversation needs to happen? And how can you create the conditions that will enable that conversation? In my experience, leaders are often able to answer the first three questions with just a little extra effort. But they usually come up empty when it comes to the last one.

The trouble starts before the attendees show up (or log on). Many people arrive at meetings prepared to be disengaged. Whether it is a recurring team call, a project team update, or a longer strategy retreat, participants often lack

Siam Validus is first foreign fintech firm to get Thai debenture crowdfunding licence, ASEAN Business

CROWDFUNDING platform Siam Validus, a joint venture between Validus and SCG Distribution, is the first foreign fintech firm to be granted a debenture crowdfunding licence by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC).

The licence will allow Siam Validus to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via debt crowdfunding, which is a form of peer-to-peer lending through an approved online funding portal.

Unlike equity crowdfunding, investors do not gain shares in the company and fundraisers must repay the loans with interest.

“Many SMEs in Thailand are often unable to access financing to meet cash flow needs, and are unable to shorten their cash flow cycles to capitalise on opportunities,” said Wareemon Niyomthai, chief executive officer of Siam Validus.

“We are working closely with our corporate partner to support their vendors and dealers, and with Siam Validus’ unique ability to effectively leverage technology and data, we are confident we will