Day: February 16, 2021

Empowerment will be at the heart of the new healthcare experience

Healthcare is never one-size-fits-all, and COVID-19 has brought this fact into sharp relief. A 65-year-old diabetic woman, a healthy 40-year-old man, a pregnant woman, and an elementary school student all take on a different level of personal risk every time they step outside. Each individual handles the mental toll of this prolonged pandemic differently, too. And those who live alone struggle with their health needs in different ways than those who live with others and in multigenerational households.

But some common needs unite all types of patients, no matter the circumstances. Everyone needs access to timely, accurate information and a better understanding of the care options they have. Everyone needs a safe, easy way to see doctors and monitor chronic conditions. People need greater control over their own care. They need to be able to take responsibility for the management of their health and well-being. And everyone — including care