Day: March 1, 2021

Blue Fowl takes on the way forward for mobility in Indonesia

The Contained in the Thoughts of the CEO interview collection explores a variety of crucial choices confronted by chief executives all over the world. For extra perception, see PwC’s CEO Survey.

The COVID-19 crisis hit the Indonesian transport sector hard. Before the pandemic, president director of PT Blue Bird Tbk Noni Purnomo and her team were riding a wave of success, kicking off 2020 with plans to introduce an additional fleet of zero-emissions taxis. By March of that year, revenue was down 70 percent and the company’s ambitions to be the catalyst for electric vehicle adoption in Indonesia were quickly put on hold.

Since its inception in 1965 by Purnomo’s late grandmother, Blue Bird — which, besides its taxi business, has holdings in containers, heavy equipment, and logistics — has been a market leader and innovator. The company was built on a belief in the responsibility it had to