Day: September 15, 2021

Main underneath strain

Strain is a goad. Whether or not it arrives within the guise of a burning platform or a venture deadline, a strategic objective or a efficiency goal, a high-stakes deal or an aggressive competitor, strain might help leaders attain new heights of efficiency and achievement. the adage: no strain, no diamonds.

The issue with this pithy statement, attributed to Nineteenth-century Scottish essayist Thomas Carlyle, is that it’s each true and false. Although strain can drive outsized outcomes, it may possibly additionally develop into an insurmountable impediment to efficiency and achievement. It may possibly overwhelm a pacesetter and end in missteps that torpedo corporations and careers.

The highly effective results—and vagaries—of strain have been dramatically illustrated throughout the Tokyo Olympics when gymnast Simone Biles unexpectedly withdrew from the ladies’s group finals. The terribly proficient and seemingly unshakable Biles, who was thought of a shoo-in to repeat her 2016 gold medal win