Hong Kong Finance Minister Paul Chan Strikes To Ease Market Fears, Says City’s Methods Can

Banking Firms. As Transparency International Bangladesh has expressed, the unprecedented anarchy and threat” that is prevailing in the banking and monetary sectors is on the one hand right down to the misuse of energy”, political influence” and lobbying”, leading to unrestrained forgery”, corruption” and dominance of loan defaults”; while on the opposite, it is also down to the ineffective ad hoc measures by a section of the regulatory authorities.” Thus, the only potential option to bring a few reversal in this pattern is to depoliticise the sector, particularly the regulators and to have larger accountability and transparency (the place there is now none) in order to stop the misuse of energy and in addition the lobbying power of cash, and to end the collusion between particular interest teams and the political class that has now clearly metastasised into a major risk for our economy.

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