What Is Big Push Theory In Economics?

Capital is the muse of every business. Woahh!! Pretty detailed account I might say. After I wrote a hub on demonetization I too was more optimistic irrespective of how this was applied. However as we shut in to the deadline, seeing the fallout of this entire train and continued mismanagement, additionally having skilled it personally I’d say that it a deliberate disaster createdby the federal government. Having mentioned that I still have some hope that this will have postive affect in the entire financial system and the economy in the long run. Taxation can’t be borne by just 1%, similarly we need to move to less cash economic system. Atleast this exercisehas opened an avenue to address some of this long pending points, regardless of it being a forceful transfer. In the end its upon the govt. now and let see what awaits in 2017.

Keasey et al(1992) writes that …